Kwely invites you to join in building the future of Africa, together. As they say: “From the people, for the people!”

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We source the best ingredients, products and styles Africa has to offer.

We create export-ready brands offering branding, packaging and distribution strategy services through our TEKKI Incubator

Through our innovative online B2B platform and an experienced marketing and direct sales team, we promote local brands and drive volume sales from around the world

We understand the African Market and collect research data which allows us to highlight the benefits of the brands we represent and introduce new innovative products to the world.

We offer white-label solutions and various packaging and customization options to meet the needs of our customers while meeting their quality standards

What We Do

Our Business

Kwely® is a game-changing innovative platform and the first of its kind global B2B wholesale marketplace for Africa. . For the first time ever, Buyers around the world have access to quality and unique products made in Africa that meet international standards and provide for customization and white-label solutions based on their needs.

Brand Incubator

B2B Marketplace

Packaging services

Our Services

Brand Incubator

Uncovering the best Africa has to offer through its rich, rare and natural ingredients, traditional workmanship and community involvement, Kwely sourcees the best of the best and builds long lasting brands. Our goal: delivering quality and accessibility to the best Africa has to offer!

Our Services

B2B Sourcing Platform

Leveraging technology, experience and an extensive distribution network, Kwely provides access to market to local african producers while offering international volume buyers a new and reliable sourcing platform that meets their needs

About Our Work

How we do it

We fulfill wholesale orders through collective production across multiple suppliers while implementing production-to-delivery quality assurance processes to meet the needs of volume buyers and ensure a winning branding and marketing strategy around the products and the rich ingredients and skills Africa has to offer. We develop close, long-term relationships with our suppliers and support them to enable their growth while using technology to ensure accountability and transparency for payments, logistics and marketing.

Global Market Research Data Analysis

Marketing & Distribution Strategy

Branding and Packaging Development

Packaging Production & Sourcing

Targeted Marketing

Direct & Online Sales

Private-label customization

Payments & Logistics

Sourcing Process

Brand Incubation

Through our Brand Incubation Program and the TEKKI Challenge, we source the best local suppliers who are already selling on the local market but have challenges exporting their products. The Incubation Program allows us not only to identify the best through a rigourous selection process but also gives us the opportunity to provide the support and resources needed by the local suppliers to be export-ready.

Market Research

Branding & Distribution Strategy


Market Test


Our Distribution Network

With our single goal of promoting quality African products around the world, our focus is on building long-lasting distribution partnerships with various companies in different sectors providing them with an end-to-end solution for sourcing products made in Africa

Grocery Stores

Department Stores

Pharmacies & Drug Stores

Hotels, restaurants & airports

Specialty Stores

Online stores

Small businesses



We specialize in natural cosmetics which highlight Africa's rich ingredients which reflect health, beauty and confidence


From natural grains and cereals to fruits and vegetables, we work closely with local producers who develop traditional healthy and nutritious recipes using traditional techniques.


Hand-made textiles are a staple of African crafstmanship


African stylists are claiming their space on world renowned fashion runways. We focus on making them accessible to department stores and specialty boutiques

Home Accessories

African crafstmanship is known around the world. We bring structure to an informal sector while ensuring quality and volume.

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Board of Directors

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