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Brand Story

The name Bassari Superfoods was inspired by the rich ancestral culture found in the heart of Eastern Senegal which is surrounded by the Bassari people who consume ancient grains and plants which are rich in nutrients and known for their natural hea- ling benefits. Bassari Superfoods introduces 100% natural products which take into consideration the quality of the harvest, are ethical, and respect nature and local producers.

Now Selling in Dakar, Senegal:

  • Club Tiossane
  • American Food Store
  • Layu Cafe Almadies
  • Layu Cafe Point E
  • and soon in many more locations.


The natural powders are based on plants which are considered superfoods wth exceptional nutritional value and numerous health benefits. They are known for their richness in vitamins, fiber and minerals, but also for their antioxidant and energizing properties. The powders contain no additives or preservatives.