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Touba, the second largest city in Senegal, is not only known for being the home of its religious figure and founder, Cheikh Ahmadou Bàmba Mbàcke but also known for its coffee: CAFE TOUBA. Often served during special ceremonies in the past, it is now found at almost every corner of the street as the perfect shot of coffee that will give you the needed boost during the day. Dialibatou, a Senegal-based coffee producer has found the perfect blend that combines coffee, “Diar” also known as “Guinea Pepper” and cloves.

Now Selling in Dakar, Senegal:

  • American Food Store
  • Club Tiossane
  • Layu Cafe Almadies
  • Layu Cafe Point E
  • and soon in many more locations.

Touba Coffee

Originally from West Africa, this flavored coffee combines the spicy flavors of cloves and Guinea pepper with traditional coffee to create a drink with a distinctly unique taste: Touba coffee