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Brand Story

The brand Karaw which means “hair“ in Wolof, the national language in Senegal is produced by Karaw International a woman-led enterprise which specializes in 100% natural hair products. Karaw highlights traditional african plants and formulas which are known to treat and nourish hair, reduce dandruff and stimulate growth.

Now Selling in Dakar, Senegal:

  • American Food Store
  • Club Tiossane
  • Cosmetika Beauty Stores (Dakar)
  • and soon in many more locations.

Hair Products

A range of hair products formulated with various African plants and formulas. Each product line is based on an essential ingredient that caters to specific hair needs like moisture, strength, shine...

Baobab Product Line

Desert Date Product Line

Palm Kernel Product Line

Moringa Product Line

Neem Product Line