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Brand Story

MIXEKO means Mix It in Wolof, the national language in Senegal. The brand MIXEKO is produced by MyMix SN, a woman-led food company based in Senegal who selects from the best African sweet and savory pastry recipes and offers easy to prepare, all natural mixes. Enjoy the deli- ciousness of your grandmother’s recipe while feeling good about not only consuming healthy but also empowering entire communities which harvest the main ingredients in the most rural parts of Senegal.

Now Selling in Dakar, Senegal:

  • American Food Store
  • Casino Almadies
  • Club Tiossane
  • Layu Cafe Almadies
  • Layu Cafe Point E
  • and soon in many more locations.

Traditional Pastry Mixes

Easy-to-make traditional African sweet and savory pastry mixes based on local ingredients such as Senegalese millet or black eye peas flour.

Accara (Black Eyed Peas flour) - Gluteen Free

Dugub (millet based beignets)

Beignet Puff Puff