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15 Senegal based local brands selected to get their products ready for export.

The potential of goods from Africa is undeniable, yet in a context of globalization, their export remains relatively low. Despite the strong international interest in African products, especially in the food, cosmetics and textile sectors, some barriers slow down their competitiveness on the international arena. Through the TEKKI Program, KWELY aims to support local brands to ease the export of their products and to give them an advantage in the face of global competition on the markets.

The percentage of market share of exports of Made in Africa products (sub-Saharan region) to the USA is 12%*. This percentage is slightly lower than China’s (17% *) and can be explained by the importance of optimizing the African continent’s exports to the rest of the world (*source : World Integrate Trade Solution ). Having stable production capacity, sustained growth, access to foreign markets, and ensuring qualified product packaging is a challenge for these companies.

A coaching program by e-commerce experts

The motivations of Kwely’s Tekki Challenge are centered on the stakes of exporting merchandise: overcoming obstacles by providing resources and skills to propel the selected brands and make them sufficiently competitive on the market.

The mission is to find these products in large retail stores, in strategic consumer hubs, but also on Kwely’s BtoB e-commerce platform. This platform will allow to source via the best local producers, high quality finished products by making easier the transactions and the export.

Tekki Challenge 2022: 15 brands selected by a committee of business leaders

After a successful selection process in 2021 during the first edition of the Tekki Challenge which say 10 brands evolve through the market and now ready for distribution globally, Kwely has now selected 15 new finalists for the 2022 Tekki Challenge cohort. A pitch session was organized in the presence of investors, members of the Ministry of Commerce, entrepreneurs and business leaders to select the most innovative projects.

Among them, cosmetic brands, ready to take up the challenge and conquer the world by taking advantage of the A-beauty trend (African-Beauty). The potential of these brands emerges from the quality and authenticity of the products, the traditional and ancestral techniques behind the production, but also the values behind each of these brands, such as the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship, ethics, and respect for the environment.

Innovative food brands have also proven their originality and smart transformation of local ingredients with the hopes to boost remote agricultural communities. From ready to cook African recipe mixes, to moringa and niebe (Senegalese black-eyed pea) transformation, seafood products, exotic jams, and more, the 2022 TEKKI challenge is excited to introduce its 15finalists:

  • Adaa Ada
  • ARSA Properties
  • Biosene SARL
  • Contanna
  • GANA
  • Les Délices de Mbiné Mangouné
  • Melanin Care Cosmetics
  • M’Marème Céréales
  • Natur’Derm Cosmestics
  • Nutrivie
  • Oh My Hair !
  • Soledad Traiteur
  • ZENA Exoticfruits

The next steps of the TEKKI CHALLENGE

The program will be articulated in 3 main phases. The first phase will consist in understanding the market in which the brands will evolve. A market study will be done for each of the brands in order to master all the dimensions of the market and for an optimal growth of the market shares. Work will be done around packaging, to ensure a conservation of the products and the access to the distribution platforms by answering their requirements.

The second phase will focus on brand growth strategy: rebranding, design and sourcing of adequate packaging, product and ingredient studies, validation of essential health certifications, and a marketing strategy to ensure proper product positioning while following the FDA labelling standards.

The final phase, the “market test”, will demonstrate the effectiveness of the support provided throughout the program. This phase will reinforce the brands’ ability to evolve and grow in their sector of activity with the goal to be distributed by Kwely around the world. The second edition of the Tekki Challenge start NOW!

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