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What We Do

Sourcing the best brands

Creating sustainable export-ready local brands

Through a rigourous selection process and a branding & packaging and support program, we work closely with local suppliers to build export-ready brands. From production capacity and certifications, to branding and distribution strategies, we make sure that the products we deliver meet global standards.

Access to the Global Market

Shining the light on the Made In Africa benefits and value

With a focus on efficiency, transparancy, capacity and communication, we use technology to make sure that buyers can source the products they need and local producers can reach the global market. It's a win-win for all!

Solving the packaging problem

Meeting the demands of the local market

One of the main challenges local producers face is access to quality and consistent packaging which would allow them to meet global standards and create brands with a vision into the future. Our packaging studio produces and acquires packaging to meet the demand, ensure a greater level of quality and allow African products the opportunity to compete on the global markets